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October 15, 2018

2014-15 State Webinar Series

The state webinar series is a collaborative effort between the 20 Education Service Centers in an endeavor to bring speech specific quality trainings to Speech Language Pathologist and SLP Assistants throughout the state.  
Series Information
9 Webinars
9:00—12:00 Noon
$30 per Webinar
2.5 CEUs TSHA CEUs Per Webinar
19.5 Total CEUs
Participants MUST register through your local ESC
Participants MUST use work setting/ISD email address for registration

Webinars 2014-15 series

Evaluation Collaboration Series: The Journey Unfolds

This special education evaluation series is designed to improve collaboration among evaluation staff members and the quality of student evaluations and recommendation in order to positively impact classroom instruction. This series provides 3 one-day. Speech Language professionals will be able to participate in the state webinar series at no charge through participation in the Evaluation Series. Only SLP or SLP Assistant registered may participate in the series at no charge. NO SUBSTITUTIONS ALLOWED. Please follow 
CEUS pending

Evaluation Collaboration Series Flyer 2014-15

23rd Annual State Autism Conference

The Texas Autism Conference is sponsored by the Texas Education Agency and coordinated by the Education Service Center, Region 2 in Corpus Christi, Texas. One of our conference goals is to promote increased awareness and understanding of evidence-based practices, 
interventions, standards and services in the area of Autism. We hope that you find the networking opportunities for parents, students, professionals, and educators to be of great benefit to you. 
CEUS pending

2014 Student Success Summit

Keynote with Dr. Ruby Payne, educator, administrator, author of A Framework for Understanding Poverty, From Understanding Poverty to Developing Human Capacity, and Under-Resourced Learners. She will share how educators can help students of all economic backgrounds achieve academic professional and personal success.

Breakout sessions:

  • Core Subjects;
  • Differentiation;
  • Conflict Resolution;
  • Response to Intervention (RtI);
  • House Bill 5 (HB 5);
  • Health and Nutrition;
  • Counseling; and Soft skills students need in the workplace.
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